24 Jul

Name : Kattak______   ]< ^++^>[

I made various blogs, some personal, some social, some scientific, some relegious but,

I ko kuch bhaya nahi (This blog will be in hinglish);(literaly> I didnt liked any one of them)

For my personal info u can allways go to, 

For my artistic work u can go to,

I have a view, that any blog, which have to strike some chord with public, must have good substance and a good name.

I liked graffiti, it wasnt available and hence i used “the graffiti”, but still i wasnt happy. It lacked the punch, it lacked the unusual quotient.

Time passed, It was becoming difficult for me to mannage various blogs, i felt that i was not improving as a blogger, and neither improvising on nameing front. Today I came on wordpress to look my old blogs which were just crap. And then this name strikes, sparks flew, and kattak is on. Kat for my name, and tak for take on various things, situations. Other way to look at this name is K for my name and attak for attack.

I think name is beautiful, but rest lies in my hands after this devine intervention, thats for substance.

I will try my level best to provide u with the best content.

My aim is that this name should outlive me.




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