Help your self!!

29 Jul

It was my fifth birthday that papa put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Remember, my son, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at end of your arm.’

Sam Levenson

Very nice.
One which is suiting me, specialy today, and now i am laughing and smiling. It was my job which i went to do and i failed miserably. While coming back i was fretting and fuming and was going mad on my Dad, I was asking ‘Why, why didnt he accompanied me, it would have been a easy outing, and jod would have been done, I wasted my 6 hours foe it and it might have been completed in mere hour.’
I stil dont know wether my dad should have accompanied me, but i know that if, if i would have tried bit more, presevered more, i might have succeded. I failed, but know i know that next outing will be a successfull.

Its easy, very easy to get angry, and put blame on others but it does not bring any solutions and even if they bring solution they are not lasting. I, from todays incident, know pretty well that i made few mistakes, but if i would put blame on other how would i know that how should rectify my errors.

Friends think of taking difficult rout, when you find it easy to blame others.


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