Using resources/Using options !!

2 Aug

I am listening Gorillaz, feel good inc., nice song, bit different in taste. But that is not the point to discuss about.

We will often find ourselves fretting over the holes in our society, which are hurting us in some way or other. This aspect is not limited to any one country or region, but is omni-present, we go on cursing govt. for it. But that is human and i feel that is we as humans opted for someone superior to take decesions for us. We are not like tigers who live brave solitary life, we thrive on comunity, much like ants or elephants.

Social situations like theese are not uniletral but multiletral, to explain;our earth is not just made op of valleys and trenches but we also have sky kissers, clad in white. And similar is the situation in our society, in particular indian society, we have lot flowers in our system. But how many of us are plucking them and making Gajra* out of it, none of us.

I have only one piece of advice that one must try to find theese flowers, which govt have made for us to use. Lot of infrastructre is place for the very same purpose so just dont place blind eye for it. Society is allways from its people and not by its government.

Gajra=small flower garland to be tien in hairs.


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