Social Networking!!!

4 Aug

Social networking sites are hot spots on web, or more precisely, web 2.0. I have tried many of them, Myspace, Xanga, Friendster, MSN or now Live spaces, Yahoo 360 and few more, nearly all have some wierd names. The names i mentioned above are kind open systems, many of you will be aware of theese names. The only closed system social networking web app i know is Orkut. You can do wiki, and find a very brilliant fact that India is third in number of users of orkut, Brazil being 1, which accounts of high use of portugeese, 2 is sadda amricaa.  I dont want to fall in silos of social behaviour, but want to say only one thing that that this is kinda intresting. This post is not some kind of info giver, but like a short essay on social networking. US assembly wans to regulate Myspace, for some reasons, which again u can google.

I allways find some thing missing in all of them. Firstly i think in most of the cases the direct web address is bit skewed, for example in myspace its like, but the better way i think is of blogs, like Myspace meeting most of the requirements is not safe, and adding widjets is bit tough, though they are makin it easier day by day, but it is making it clumsy. Second point is that all theese things should be simple and not tough to understand, easy copy pasting should be the key. Rest are no matchas they are more confusing or in other words does not excite.

One which is of my keen intrest is Orkut. No coustamisation possible, and i have started hating donuts from the day i have joined orkut. But one thing which is nice is that it is quite safe, sudden epidemicscant be created, or if created can be controled easily. Myspace recently faced its pandemic, in form of flash errors.

One thing is that i dont understand why google buyed it on first place and on second place why are they not making it intresting. I am not being able to see that how are they going to make money from it. It does not show any ads, which is beautiful for few of us, but not me. Why doing this social service. And if u have adopted it then why are u not giving it a fair area to play, and pls pls dont give so many donuts.

I will write about google startegy after some time.


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