New ways – News, New Bill for Rape cases.

5 Aug

News - Times Of India

This is a news in todays times of india.

Now this is one very good step. But i will also like to add one ammendment, the defending lawyer should also be female. This will be tough one to pass, and would not be readily acceptable but can prove to a service or to in favour of women rights.

But i still feel, all the rape cases are bit biased from the very start against the man. Poorly and truly I dont know of any Men rights organization, Its like Adam did one mistake and we all are suffering till date.

A latest SC ruling also states that rape case cant be filed against women. So all boys please be beware in India, I dont know of any other nations laws but it doesnt matter for now.

If few girls delibrately take you to some wrong doing, aginst your will, sorry mates you can not do any thing.

But still we can think of making a Men Rights Association. You can also think of it.


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