Where is the Indian Voice??

5 Aug

A news paper clipping, they bring news from every nook and corner of atleast this world, sometimes skewed, and sometimes very screwed, never the opposite.

I can be proud of my friends placed through out this world and hereby on the night before Friendshp day I will like to thanx them for every thing. All of them stedied my ship through their friendship. I would  also like to be forgiven for my negligence towardsnearly all of them.

But this is not a post for friendship, i will do it tomorrow.

I have many friend and from many parts of world, but i know none like my indian friends who are master in giving their views on nearly everything. All like me, ‘Har ke dudh mein unglee karne wale'(ppl who like to put their fingers in everybodies milk- dont take it literally). But still i am not hearing words against the bombings from Indian fraternity.

As i said the media views are s&s, but our views are not, till we go in media. But India as a most populus free media nation, is not making its voice being heard. We all know what american media did with Iraq, completely S&Sed. BC tries to br overly neutral only on papers, but in reality…. wait for next war to watch them. But again Indian media which holds a very wonderful neutral and in some senses a very strong position is very poor in making other ppl sit and watch it.

In till know have no international news channel, and currently we can not hope it to be different. Why?? Becoz, nearly all the news channels are under the umbrella of bigger groups, NDTV-SET, STAR-Rupert, ZEE-Turner, and all theese partners already have their own international news channels. NOw there is Aaj Tak, which I think have no major collaboration and the other one is TIMES NOW, which is connected with REUTERS, but REUTERS does not give it a Indian feeling. But still the fact is that none of them is international in true senses. They even dont have the buying capacity(it seems)to have some big faces, cos faces does matter in news, which we can already see in NDTV and Aaj Tak.

So thing is very straight, we have to buy big faces to go inernational, and more than that a wish to provide international audience a non S&Sed view, and manipulat them in Indian favour.


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