Eminem, A real poor baby.

6 Aug

Yes i will be blowed haa, dipped in cold water haa haa haaa.

Is he a genius, hmm…, yes for those who are his fans. But to me, he seems to be a guy with a very poor childhood. He seems pschologicaly tempered, try for its resurrection thru his songs. And is he successful, yes in bringing money, but in resurrection, NO.

Why are there no MC-BC, songs in INDIA, a good point to think. And a good point for americans psychologists to tell India as very reserve society, Hmmmm.

But i think in few years we will be with our own version MC-BC. But I really want them to deal with biggger problems rather than few personal problems. There is too many war torn songs, too much for terrorists, but to less for politicians…hmm i dont know.
Lets not copy masters of MC-BC songs, give new beats for world to loosen up.

Hey how many poor indian babies you know who can put songs like them. If u can not make such songs then be their managers, it wil also bring money to you.

But let me tell you its not very tough, or is it.


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