There and Back Again – Pondy

25 Aug

This is second post in “There and Back Again” series. This is one for Pondy, or Pondychery. This is a Union Territory and not a mojor tourist spot for North Indian but one will find many foriegners. There is no need for hotel in Pondy, take minimum luggage with you. We started from Chennai in early morning with somr very minimum luggage after taking our bath in Madras.

Once again as i have said in my previous post thatbest place to move in india is BUS as you see more of India through it, you penetrate more in there heart as you meet people of soil. Tamil Nadu roads are really smootheeeee. And yes to mention this journey is through ECR, East cost Road, really wonderfull, sea at one side nearly all through your journey. Let me tell you pondy is real different from rest of TN. But going to Pondy really depends on your choice. Why??

Because there is no major architecture, nothing very big, but its history. Yes, it was one of the very few French colony in India.

We first moved from Pondy to Auroville its a ashram of Late saint Aurbindo and his followers basically established by his student, Maa. Now moving to that place is not tough as you can easily find a bus for that place. If you are not a relegious kind of person, then also you can go there as it is not dedicated to some particular relegion. And then there is one major architecture formation is being made which is the main attraction over there. But BOOOM it is not open and is under construction. It is a meditation center, and hell they made us wait for 2 hours for a closed structre which we cold see only from 200 m distance. That was waste, go there before 12,and for that you must start more early from Chennai. Its a 3 hour jouney from Chennai to Pondy

.In background it is the meditation dome. which will be ready in a year to come.

Now is some major attraction waiting for you in pondy. There is Smadhi of shri Aurbindo near the beach, then there is famous Catherdal from french period and of different architecture, visit it.

There is one French Martyrs spot to see, there is a very old Ganesh Temple, then there is museum theese all things are near the beach. But the most important thing is that you must take your legs to roam and not any thing else as whole colony is very old and is totaly of French period. For this very same reason i wrote that goingto pondy depends on yuor taste, i like such kind of houses so i loved the place.

You can take auto riksha if you like and if you are on time’s rail. But i will still advice you to, for atleast once just roam freely in old pondy near the beach, it will certainly give you some sense of history.

Remember one thing pondy beach is rocky and not sandy. I liked it, that is only thing i can say about it.


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