Microsoft’s ZUNE

26 Aug

We all know microsoft, most of us when first understood computer,  OS was microsoft.  But slowly and slowly we found out that microsoft is used most frquently and  and in same manner throw us in trouble frequently. Then we became netizens, it was fine, it was funt, we never understood why there is some trouble going in internet explorer and netscape communicator, slowly and slowly we forgot NC.
Now we are in era of Ipod, a master stroke from Steve Jobs. We were looking around, looking for microsoft, where is it, with something intresting like ipod. where is it….  are we really looking??
I allways say that microsoft suffers from one disease that is called semibakeosis. Because whole line of their product when comes first in market, it will be half baked.
*                                         *                                     *
I know i am late in this, news of zune is already doing rounds on blogosphere, web world every where, but not so in india.
So a competitor for ipod from microsoft is ready. As microsoft does not have any hardware devision so Toshiba will making fist generation Zune. Bt i can be sure it will be half baked, but will love if not.
But isnt it too late from microsoft’s side too, this zone is already too much crowded, and in near future i see an open source mp3 player, hackable and mashable. That would be nice! wouldnt it be?
Microsoft is late, thats one thing, but the computer penetration of microsoft can allways save them. By the way how many of you use Media Player and not any other player.
We can only hope that microsoft brings some fresh air in this so dynamic but yet static segment, with some fully baked product.

This is from GIZMODO, and this is Zune as what their sources say.
One plus point whioch i can see without a blink is its screen, which is bigger than the rest.
They are planning to release it this Christmas.


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