Orkut Vs My Space.

26 Aug

I am in orkut for less than 2 months and i have found plenty of friends, and i am in My Space since last december and still have zero friends. Having zero friends also comples that i havnt invite much but ont thing as a fact that i have also found very little. In search i found nearly none of my friends in India.

Given an option i will allways prefer MySpace compared to orkut, Why???

My sace gives you much more options that orkut. You can now upload n numbers of photos, use photobutcket  and write blogs which is not provided in orkut.

But let me tell you that in India is on number three in orkut demography, which tells the story of why i am usin orkut more and not myspace.

Buth have some major problems and i still dont know why and how have orkut penetrated in Indian sub-continent so nicely.

By the way youcan add me on Myspace as Basileon

And on orkut you can view my profile.


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