Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Its War.

31 Aug

Theese are two of biggest lot, in soft world. Both are kind of super powers in their respect. Google is the ultimate word in web search, on a mission to make every thing in this world searchable(but what of those not connected). Microsoft and its office suite are the word in and OS/Office suite combo.
In this entry i will write about two things, first the color, combination used by both of the companies. There are two type of colur schemes, RBG and RBY, RBY is used in arts. Both of theese toppers uses all the colors, as all the colors can be made by this color combo. So this implies that both the company can do any thing possible, yes any thing possible. Next day you wake up and find that MS is making a country of its own, to bring all its employes at one place, dont get surprise, they can do any thing. Next to next day you wake up and find that google has entered in a joint venture with alien company to maske this universe searchable, dont get surprise, they can do anything.
Is it just a mere coincidence that both the companies uses same color scheme. I think it is scheme of success. Here i suggest Apple to move away from its greyish tinch to RBGY theme, they may find success of this magnitude. Otherwise they should tell all the world why despite of being a better  OS makers they lag so much behind MS.
So if any one of you is planning to open a new company, a new startup, use all four colors for a better future.
But was it really a mere coincidence?

Ok now i am on more hotter topic, yes Its War. Oh no, noone of them had buied a country and are in war, but its different. They both are trying to enter in each others territory with full force. Last year google’s buying of Writely was a step in this way, and similarly Microsoft started its work on Live. I would leave it on you, to find it out that who is doing it better. But i will like to bring your attention to new office suite type of thing being provided by google, they are really doing it hard way. Both want to retain there users, both want to increase their user base, both want to rule. And in one jungle you can not have two lions, so its a war.


3 Responses to “Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Its War.”

  1. kriti September 1, 2006 at 11:41 am #

    The article brings out some planned coincidence schemes in the lime light.
    It makes you to think and find out the similaraties and differences of 2 different domain giants.
    Good work keep it up.

  2. Dan November 14, 2006 at 3:18 pm #

    Not sure if you know this but the original Apple logo was multicolored… It’s only been lately that they went to the blue and then the grey.

  3. kartik trivedi November 16, 2006 at 2:36 pm #

    yes Dan thnx… and if I am not wrong then it also had, RGYB…. but it seems new one is working nice for them.

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