Cleaning not so unclean P2P.

7 Sep


I was kinda anbhigya, when original Napster was hearing death dongs regarding P2P. Like any revolution when one chief player goes down, what he leaves is fire, which will give birth to many players and same thing happened after the death of original Napster. People started missing the cat with headphone, so they made many animals to take its place.

Any Law will give enough loops to play forward to P2P players, and so it was. Now there are somany P2P players, networks that nobody can control it, not even FBI.

We can go to any network and find nearly any music track, any movie, any ebook, any pics… put anything digital after any and you will get it.

But still it is not clean. Many new players like esnips are catering the free-dome lovers.

People are enjoying it…

Bileve me even amoebas are good thiefs… so humans… best of all.

But still its not clean. You have the DRM honking everytime. You have virus spreadings faster than aids and few are more dangerous that HIV. When they get in your PC/Mac, your blood stops flowing and life becomes pain. Thats why its not clean.

Since major players are riding on Open Source wave, there is no stopping for them. So its free for us, its free of any safety, its free from money. But money is like grease in life if not life. And let me assure you, our body need grease in every joint, even the nerve joint.

Where there is money there are regulations. This post is not a virdictive post but an introgative post, do we need regulations, are we ready to harness atleast some money from P2P. Think of it.

But my love for P2P continues, though it is unclean, but even now my limewire is open.


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