I-Pod, Steve Jobs and a Nation.

15 Sep

How can jusr one thing revive whole company. How can a single product bring so much large returns for a company. It can, and it is I pod.
To be frank i have placed those plugs near my ear drum for not more tha hour in total, but before that i have also placed some other ear plugs too, of some other unknown companies, of some old MP3 players, I can tell you sound quality is not much different.
So this whole was and is not about quality of sound but its some thing which have given I-Pod an iconic status.
Most probable of any reason can be its design which is indeed a master stroke.
After so many summers i am not going to discuss about origin of Ipod, but i would write about others things. We all know that Ipod does not provide many things which it can provide, but still it is leading the roost.
Many wise man points out that it is due to seamless integration of Itunes and Ipod if that is so then Apple is out to face a very big force from Microsoft which in some days going to introduce Zune. But there is some thing different, which you can call as ripple effect which is carrying Ipod, and brought it so far.
After Ipod nearly every thing which Steve introduce became a master stroke, any thing from os to other devices, and now iTV, a set top box kind of thing. In latest Showtime, steve played another card by introducing movie service for itunes, and a better itunes, games for ipod, iTV. But of all my infatuation is on ipod nano. Apple is now bringing up metel incased ipods, with 5 colour options, which vaniched as ipod mini went away last year, after the launch of ipod nano, and on top of that 3 memory capacity options also 2,4 and 8.
As i wrote in headline, this is not just about ipod, its about apple, the large picture. Apple after ipod gave three amjor things, Mac os X tiger, which was way ahead than Microsoft Xp. Then intel chips based macs, which are becoming quite famous another one is boot camp, that allows mac users to run xp on macs, as many softwares are not there for mac and only run on windows os, so this again is a masterstroke from apple.
Let me tell you one more thing Vista is not ready till yet, and microsoft is only going to launch professional edition, by years and much refine 2pack only by next year. In the mean time apple will be ready with Mac Leopar which it is telling as most advance os. Vista is going to face some tough competetion. All things, u n i, are stored in box of future.
Now comes the nation part…
OK this is from my jokular vein, we after few years can see people arguing for some special rights required for ipod users, and they just might ask for a differnt nation like podistan, or podica or anything like this.
Ok if u feel like then you can laugh.


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