23 Sep

This is also one from my old set.

Inspirations rise from nowhere but from beauty,
Inspiration sees no like and feels no dislike,
I never watched her with patience,
Never had I seen some halo, but she inspires me.
I never spared her piece of my mind,
But she infuse me with vim,
Making my mind a gold mine.

She wears no great cloth, never had I seen gold.
But her skin is making for all of it.
Never had I seen a silk worm working without mulberry,
But her head have no hint of mulberry.
I doubt intentions of her neck,
It’s not short but is just enough for turtle neck.
I feel her beauty is bringing my Armani out.

I never heard her speak, I never felt her voice
My heart do it all for me.
Ineffable she keeps me and I hate this.
No intentions to show off, but she never laugh,
Her inspirations I think are oysters with pearls hidden.
Her eyes are shallow so that I can see brown sand.
I think she have the keys to my adventure bank.

Oh! , her name, I think, must be true.
Serenity of hers dictates the terms of my life
She gifts me with crippled thoughts,
Every time I look at her.
I may wait till eternity to tell all
That it’s not love, no not at all.
I think she is just my inspiration.


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