Orkut as Google’s poor baby.

29 Sep

Though recently many changes has been brought by google team on orkut and most important of them being, bringing text ads on orkut. They have also impressed me with the change brought by them in message area, which is now more easy to work. But still to me orkut is poor baby of google.

Whole world have already seen that what a social networking site is possible to do, by this i mean to point out to Facebook and Myspace. Orkut is far far way from any one of them. There can be many reasons for it and many can point towards its close system approach, though it is not that close system as there are few sites available on net who are providing orkut invitations. But still on whole it is still a close system.

For long google team didnt saw many flaws in orkut, but as allways its better late than never, so it is in orkut case. Being a close system, it is thought to be safe, which is its major plus point as compared to Myspace negative point. But pornography on orkut is something for which google is being penalised by Brazilian government, so people find allways find their way through any system.

Coming on our main topics and also some google bashing. I am not a google basher as such but I would have done few things differently in google network. And first of all being uniting all the forces of google, including orkut.

Comeon think of it, why cant they link picasa with orkut, or to say google video with orkut, or why not they give us some podcasting and few open source editing for audio and vedio on google and a direct link on orkut. Why cant they just give us an option of orkut blog space? There are many things which they can do but they are not doing. TO me success in any net or to say any software or any group of websiter is seamless integration.

Sooner is better, sooner they link every service of theirs with each other, better it will be. They should realise the potential of orkut, because there is lot of information exchange going on through orkut, and doing any logicaly wonderful thing inside a close system can reap them wonders.

I am not much old on orkut but I am using it heavily, and few of my major converstion goes through it. So as an user also i would like to see few interactive changes and if they can provide cutomisable design then, they might just strike some more good chords.


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