Dance Of Lark

4 Oct

On one late night,
When everybody slept.
When doggies wept.
One creature was gay.
It was happy for its hay.
Oh! that was real dark night.

God knows what,
propted me to last whole night,
go outside and see the dance.
In the simmering moonlight,
In arcade of branches,
What made it dance.

I tried to converse but failed,
I tried hard to break ice,
But all my trials went cold.
I loathed, I cried fowl,
My heart which was struk hard,
longed for its nectar bowl.

I was about to turn,
and was to get inside,
that small creature,
came as a gentle tide.
I think its beak twitched,
For a smile.

Dungeons of my mind were filled with questions,
Mouth was ready to blab them all.
Before I could twist my tounge,
Her tounge twisted,
And I was brought away from dark.
Oh! hell, It was a talking lark.

Once again I tried to speak,
But she cut me short,
Rather than talking she laughed a lot.
‘Dont feel spelled, please dont fear.’
I nodded, but my eyes told, God knows what not.
Though I told, that I was ready with open ears.

With deep wet eyes,
She holded her laugh,
‘What a man can hear if he is already distraught.’
I was ashamed, but she really knew a lot.
‘Hey I know much more, which your mom does not.’
She read my mind like an open source blog.

I calculated on my fingers,
there were three hours for sun to delete dark.
before I can think,  she began with C sharp.
I was surprised and mesmerised
Either it was inter galctic or mandrin,
but its language was in no way a blot.

‘Why do you think so much,
when you have got so little life.
Be happy, and join my dance,
your fears will fear,
and will be engulped by this very dark.’
I wondered, from where does she got that sspark.

She continued, with another note.
This time it was me and my everlasting summer.
‘Why dont you enjoy your days,
like Sundays of May.
Why dont you breathe easy,
when there is no trouble a bay.’

Never under-estimate a creature for its size,
one never know when might they show their might.
‘Troubles will come its their job,
Why do you break into panic
and forget your log.’
Oh! this was going to be one real different night.

‘I lost my eggs to sanke in gutter,
I sobbed a lot but realised,
It happens every summer.
Why to pain for what was temporary,
and why not make snakes life a sour curry’
SHe was opening my eyes, but I was in hurry.

I asked her to leave,
But she didnt ceased.
‘One more thing is left for you,
you still dont know how to laugh in situ.
Open your heart for every thought’
It was begining to become bit hard.

‘Just dare and please dont fear,
Accept what is good with happiness,
and things which are bad with grace.
Dont follow this world in bloody rat race.’
I was happy and aksed for more.
She told me to wait, and sleep in whole.


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