After I die.

8 Oct

Who is that idiot,
who says here is no love,
who say i cant love,
i can love you,
I will love you.
But first let me die.

Let me hug this death first,
then there will be no fears,
there will be no tears,
My love will be just for you.
Without division,
I will just look at you.

See, there are so many troubles,
so much work,
I have to do.
I will come only for you,
where you’ll call me to.
But only after I die.

There are too many eyes,
bothering too many I’s.
Which I dont want to.
I think in this life,
I am not for you.
Then please let me die.

You think that I am coward,
You are right.
The rope I walk is very tight.
My chest is never ready for fight.
My body may anytime leave my mind.
RIP, may I?

Your love is holding me,
binding is your passion for me.
I want to leave you,
and dont want to see your sorrow eyes.
When there will be no covering smile,
That is when I will die.

I plead,
I pray, just for you,
one I hate is crying you.
Give me an honest laugh,
I will improve from bitter half,
But only after I die.


One Response to “After I die.”

  1. kriti October 13, 2006 at 5:46 am #

    a poem can be given to literature students to do reserch on .
    why dont u contact universities for the issue.
    good job keep it up

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