Google buys You Tube.

10 Oct

Now this news must have reached your ears by know or must havereached your eyes. But if your answer is no to both of the above statements then I am not going to explain them over here. You can go Techcrunch for that or might get that on Google blog.

All in all the news is that Google has baught You Tube for $1.65 Billion.

We all know that Googlr had repetedly said that all they want to do is to make more and more information reachable or to say searchable, and they include video in that. Now like me many others can have one question that why to buy a company which is providing same product which you are already providing, I mean to say what was the need to buy You Tube if they already have Google video.  But wait… there is one need, You Tube can provide them with huge revenue when they will fuse Ad Sense and You Tube successfully.

But as per news, both companies will work independently, only time will tell how much independence would be there for You Tube. But one thing for sure Google is not planning to shut its video, very much like yahoo, which bought Flickr, when they already had Yahoo photos.

I still think that google is not a good player in terms of seamless integration, and rather a bad player in social networking.  They are messing with orkut for the same reason. I dont understand one tyhing if you have one such a big source of eople who are using one of your service so very regularly then why are you noy integrating it wih other beautiful services that you provide. Though orkut is closed system and You Tube is not but their integration will only add glory to both.

Global startegies depend on various factors, and I think Google have best of people for deciding on such factors.


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