British Library, Bhopal

14 Oct

Three years hence I met her once more
Same place and in front of same door
Silence which was in there in the hall
The place was British Library Bhopal

Last time I met her, she looked same
I never placed my attention on librarian’s eyes hole
My virgin mind went bersek once more
I became one cute lover mole

We talked and talked and forgot our intentions
Man in brown was quick to scold
How can he understand how does an old friendship hold
We moved to a new place for our glore

Library’s atmosphere and my blood pressure both were cold
I tried to move my eyes, when her questions fell
She asked, where was I, was that hell
I ducked and hoped for a mobile bell

I appologised and took her number
asked her for CCD, But i forgot
There was one more thing i lacked
Oh! yes big money

She paid for my coffe
and she also drank it half
I shuddered and said that next is on my behalf
Her eyes were trying to tell something more

Eventualy it came as big rock
I had my three years
Now forever from next day
she was to leave Bhopal


One Response to “British Library, Bhopal”

  1. shalu July 10, 2009 at 1:23 pm #

    i most like this library

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