Inuit of Bhopal.

18 Oct

This has been the tag line of my profile in orkut for few days now and I dont know how many of my friends have figured it out.

Haa.. Haa… Haa… a Raavan like laugh, I dont think any one of them would have seen the inlaid message.

To brief it up this will be engineering diary for my future four years. And my advice to you is read it, and not only read it but do copy-paste it cos if i b’come successfool then I might publish all this stuff in form of a book.

But what is INUIT? if thats ur Q then do some google b’4 asking again.

But if your question is why Inuit… good question.

Yaar my college name is RGTU-UIT/RGPV-UIT/RGUIT/GEC-Bhopal. Yesss one college and four names. But now you can figure it out >>> Why “Inuit of Bhopal”, but this title will also take you to arctic in igloos.

For now, I am planning to sleep in my Igloo (thats my room). Only Igloo in Bhopal.

Good night.


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