One last post for today…

18 Oct

Yaar, I think this is my 5 and most illogical post of today, first 2 were some real logical posts and then….

I think, i must put  ‘Logical’ and ‘Illogical’ categories, I will think on it only tomorrow.

From tomorrow onward DIWALI celebrations wuld be starting…

I spent some 5 hours today just to read my google reader feeds and write some blog posts, scigam took some 3 out of it….

Another thing which i was thinking is about naming of babies…

Few ppl keep their children names on the name of cities… Like Brian Lara’s daughter, ‘Sydney’.

In India it wuld be like, ‘Bhopal’ and it even rhymes with ‘Gopal’, or ‘Bhojpa’ which eventualy is the root word for Bhopal.

So now a final good night.


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