Peace, Mahatma, Babe and North Korea.

18 Oct

Both of them does not have any thing in common, and this is not meant to hurt any feeling. The pig is Babe, and other photo does not need any introduction.

I was watching climax scenes of Babe- The gallant pig, and there was aTimes Of India in my hands. After I finished with movie, obviously this was not the first time that I was watching this movie, but as allways it touched me very much. But as I said there was a news paper copy in my hand, I turned to it after completing with movie, and what struck me was an article on first page, “Nobel rues ‘missing’ Gandhi”, it told that the secretary of Nobel committe, Geir Lundestad has said, “The grates omission in our 106 year old history is undoubtedly that Mahatma Gandhi never recieved the Nobel Peace prize”.

Peace, its really very powerfull, indeed.

Gandhi was onthe track of peace so was Babe, peace is never beautiful when it starts, but the at sublime level its beautiful, and not only beautifull its complete, its much more powerfull. Mahatma shwed it, so did Babe.

Babe politely made all the sheeps follow his words, every one in stadium was spellbound, they didnt shouted a single word, but the thundering applause Babe got was more than anything. Peace is complete, none of the sheep was injured, none’s leg was broken or bitten, they did it out of compassion, or out of pressure of politeness, but they did it happily.

On the other hand, gory acts can bring shouts from every corner of stadium, but the final effect will never be majestic. So this tell that peace is powerfull.

North Korea recently tested a sub killo tonne nuclear device, and they might test one with much bigger power. Nuclear bomb surely is one of the motiff of voilence. But the answers this whole world is giving to North Korea is nothing less than voilence. To me and to many words said are nearly equal to acts done. One thing which Mr Bush and that South Korean fellow who became UN secretary can take from me is that thees sanctions are not going to help the cause, but worsen them. If NK leader is some shitty bastard then let him be, its residents are not, so why give pains to them. Such sanction will only increase the gap between North Koreans and the rest of the world.

Give peace an honest try. This path is tough, and may seem slow, but is complete, end result is not some half baked cake, but a cake which can be enjoyed as a family.


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