18 Oct

Everybody before the start of todays Champions Trophy match tough that it would be an out and out Australian outing, as if it was tyheir own outback. But underdogs had something else in their mind, they made it a beautifully contested match and not only this but won it. Yes West Indies cricket team had won their first league match that was aggainst the formiddable side, Australia.

They were the underdogs, but they won it, quite handsomely after one catch dropped by Ponting which allowed Morton to score some 90 runs, and a hat trick by Taylor which he took in death overs. You can check the scores from cricket side, I only saw the last few overs of Australian innings.

Indians present in stadium were majorly suppoerting the WI team, and this is why I am writing this post.  Even the presenters in the after match show were quite happy or to say quite excited after thias victory.

One can see that there is allwasy some kind of love affair between common public, public which is either forms neutral side or that of the fans with underdogs. This can be seen in various movies also, an underdog winning some sport tourney etc. There is allways some kind of enigmatic feelings attached to it.

Lets not get in the rationale behind this but lets enjoy it, since I form the neutral side its very easy. You take inspiration from such teams, and it helps, atleast few times. This not only happens in sports but alos in other things, like business.

For the business case we can see that when any competetor of Microsoft surfaces up, public in general takes its side with the underdog, this can also be termed as anti-incumbency factor.

And if you are the underdog then its not that bad, because it sometimes really help you. It takes away all the possible flash lights around youand put it on number 1, and allows you to prepare and to think some motivating thoughts. But someday you would be #1, then what….?

Hmm… still thinking, u can also think of it.


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