Today was Dhanteras

19 Oct

Today was dhanters first of five veryeautiful days of year in India, five days which surrounds Diwali. I am coughing and savouring TusQ, losenges. Oh! Its raining here in Bhopal, which is not common, cos monsoon has alread gone, and there were no clouds two days back and sun was shineing like hell. So whole town was wet, on the day when most of the people would be out there in market for shopping. Dhanteras is the shopping day for jwellery.
There ae few good news to share with you all…
Flash is now available for Linux, we dont know how will it perform on Linux, but still its one of the best things. We still dont know when would it be shipped to India, but our fingers are crossed. Opensource OS is the best thing that can happen to computer, it drastically reduces the price of computer, and for contries like India and many others where computer penetration is not very deep, there OS OS can surely proove a boon.
You can see for yourself what I wrote yeaterday, Love for Underdogs. Linux is present underdog, and might just emain therefaor many years to come, and people will never stop loving it, atleast developers will continue loving it.
Lets hope for a real free world. Global in true sense.


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