Orkut is open.

20 Oct

One satement says it all, ‘Features not products’, this was said by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. Now we have orkus as open social networking site. Just like others in this space. Closeness of orkut never hindered its growth and it became like a cult site, very much like myspace, but in closed groups. Now when they have opened it up, which means that you dont need an invite to sign up orkut. What you can have is a google account, which is as easy as breathing.

Lately we have also seen some code changes in orkut. They have made there messages section more chick, and now they have also tweake in scrapbook section. They have also provided Google Map facility in orkut( though its not showing in India, which is on 3rd position, in terms of users). But now, when Google which shows that orkut is in affilation with google( I dont understand what they want to convey through it, as they are continously being dragged in court cases regarding orkut, in Brazil as well as in India) are in direct competetion with Myspace, the biggest player out there in social networking space. They are also in direct competetion with other such sites which are moe user friendly and are more expressive and allows much more widgets which orkut is not providing.

Google had bought Youtube and have now become more social, google have also tweaked with its Group facility and tried to make it more social, but its a well kniws fact that groups are old fashioned things.
Now owhen they have opened the gates of orkut for everyone, and taken a heady challenge then they should also deliver the goods to user. I am not the one who will piss in thei mail boxe and try to write some shouting letters, I am going to accept change. To me what is most important is that nearly all of my friends are using orkut. But now I want few things from google….

  1. You tube and google video imbeding facility in orkut.
  2. Ability to post podcasts( go and buy odeo or some other service like it, Sergey)
  3. Freedom to change skins and to make some personal changes.
  4. Give users some blog space, allow to add video in scraps
  5. And plssss some multi scrapping.
  6. They should even integrate it with mobile services.

I think, this is what it means from, ‘ Features not products’.


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