Kick me hard…

4 Nov

But only if you are reading this blog regularly. Once again I am posting after a big lull. Ok so whats new mates…
College are once again rolling, now the atmosphere is hot once again, with all that ragging fear. I want to inform you that I am going to edit few of the categories or simply delete them. One more thing I am on wallop now… Haa a big joke, as an average i get some 4 hits daily all because of few brilliant tags which i had selected, and from now on they wont be there. But from now on I will be more honest     at least towards my ‘Fan Following’.
Friends I am really trying too hard for my another blog… its really taking too much of my time… I am in need of some intelligent person(which is easy to find) who is as excited about tech blogging as I am(very tough). But I feel, I will get some one soon. Thats what my gut feeling is telling me.


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