Manned mission on Mars.

11 Nov

India is planning for a manned mission on moos for year 2020, China is targeting 2024, Malasiya 2020 and Pakistan 2020. Pretty nice isnt it. Hindi Chini Pakistani bhai bhai on moon. Bull s#!t.
There is one fact that I know, US gained far less things on moon from Neil Armstrong then they are gaining from Mars Roover. Be intelligent, this is no cold war era, there is no need to prove any thing.
I would, as all ways give kattak suggestions.

  • Invest money on detective satellites, for global surveillance. Because whole world need proof for you know who…and what…
  • Invest money on robotic mission.
  • Make a base over there on moon, which can run for a decade.
  • Plan for a telescope on moon.
  • Plan for a robotic biological lab on moon containing microbes to test for life sustainability under controlled environment.

Let me tell you and all the scientists in ISRO, above options are far more respectful than a manned mission on moon, at least scientific community and future generation will respect our acts. Above options will have far more far reaching effects than a 2 hour walk of man on moon surface.

Another suggestion…
[/pj]Why not make a all religion worship place over there on moon for future generation and aliens who fear to come down on earth.[/pj]


2 Responses to “Manned mission on Mars.”

  1. kriti November 24, 2006 at 5:07 am #

    how about the companies organising a package tour foor moon on karvachauth.

  2. kartik trivedi November 24, 2006 at 1:33 pm #

    Its a far fetched dream, as we still dont have large number of tourists for space walk, or for that matter for a time in space ship leave alone landing on moon. It requires great muscles to do work on moon and how will one do pooja as it wont be possible to light a lam over there on moon.

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