Fighting Nothingity

19 Nov

Another poem after long time…
Nothingity, there will be a red zig-zag below this word when you will type it in Word. But if you want to understand the meaning of this word then you need to understand that what does -ity means, it means ‘state’. Now ‘nothingity’ would be materializing in front of your closed eyes. A state of nothingness, a state where nothing is there and by nothing i also want to eliminate zero. Nothingity…. a state which engulfs you after a tormenting period…or a happy moment!
So here is one of my poem, which I wrote today…

Fighting the lark of golden light,
Amazing visions blinding me in dark.
Thoughts in flow shall stand tall,
I am being pressed against the wall.

War cry is what i hear every day,
Typhoons and tycoons are looting us away.
I want to fight them out,
Presently I am stalled, stalled till death.

Fight, fight is cry from every corner,
Fight fight, is the music i hear.
Fight, fight is what i shy from.
But still i will fight nothingity.

This state, state of hell,
no money, no kebabs and finding driest well.
Still i will win, is cry from soul.
After fighting i will leave it around the door.


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