Pakistan connection.

19 Nov

I am late, yet again. But no problems, here.

Anant is back home, and migh be sleeping weel as I am writing this blog. He might never read this blog entry. For thos who dont know who is anant, there is one crash course for them, Anant Gupta is 6-7 3 ( thanks Sameer)year old son of CEO of Adobe in India. He was lately kidnapped and was later found, by what we know as Oh! so dirty police of India( i dont agree). BUt the problem is that they are not being able to find the reason behind the kidnapping or to say the tale is getting murkier. How?

Before replying the above question, I would like to share one more thing… I though that I am very late in covering this Anant case, but know I think its much better know.

Here is the reason, for why the tale is getting murkier, Polics and the chief kidnapper are giving two different statements aginst the camera… and here is one theory which I am giving at this juncture which can take every kind of sting from this case.

See the title of post… Yeah… Pakistan connection.

It is Pakistan who is trying to harm India at its root of development. Why am I saying so?? Because Mr. Gupta, father of our Anant is CEO, I repeat CEO of Adobe in India. And what does Adobe do, hell, need I tell you that its a computer/IT company. Pakistan and its terrorist gang is trying to shake Indian developments roots, yes the IT industry. BUt this was just hte pilot project, they wanted to see that how much impact does a high profile IT employees childs kidnapping creates in Indian media. And they performed real well. Police some how sniffed the clues and athus are makin way ward comments from the first day, regarding the kidnapping.

BUt why was this a pilot project… hmm.. in India not many normal people know anything about Adobe. Its either Microsoft or Infosys. Sorry Adobe… you people have to try hard. And MS and Infies pls take care of your employees. But Adobe didnt got much of news space in this kidnapping, I think kidnappers( in this case Pakistanis) have to try once more to find proper impact on IT industry.

One more thing… Rani( I really love her), she is a black street dogess( i dont like bitch as a word), who I feed daily is not eating properly for last few days, and I am suspecting a Pakistani hand in it.

Hey if any Pakistani friend of mine know any such Indian hand then please feel free to post, and inform me, or put that in comments.


4 Responses to “Pakistan connection.”

  1. sameer November 24, 2006 at 7:24 pm #

    hey kt!

    nice site dear.and even nicer articles.
    anant is 3 yera old baby(check ur facts dear)

    well,the maing that i was here for telling you about a new blog(of course mine thats why i am telling)

    the legal doc is copied from you.It would have taken a lot of time to make a new thanks for it.

    Can you create a new side link in the balshree blog,so that we can add this new blog as a balshree project.

    Other balshree projects can the one on gandhigiri.

    This comment will self distruct in 10 seconds…

    Common press the delete button.

  2. Paras Chopra November 28, 2006 at 3:33 pm #

    You sure think a lot about Anant. Is he any cousin or brother of yours? Just kidding, dont take it personally. My point here is that one must divert his energies at what *really* matters. Some thousands of people get kidnapped daily all around the world. So why should one be concerned with Anant who, himself, barely knows what the hell happened to him.

    LOL. My comment on Anant self-defeats its purpose.. Why am I writing about Anant??? I dunno….

  3. kartik trivedi November 29, 2006 at 2:30 pm #

    Media, man media… which made you and me do such things in our own perspectives.
    But I think such high profile cases are essential because they have the power to bring other lesser known cases to light. Very much similar to Jessica Lal case.
    But who knows Ram Jethmalanai may bring in some Pakistani hand in Jessica’s case.

  4. Darius Matthews May 28, 2010 at 8:37 pm #’s done it again. Amazing writing.

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