Some constitutional suggestions for better democracy.

25 Nov

Crazy, you can all me, but I won’t shy away from proposing some constitutional change or to say a demand for better performance of our central government. I recently read, which many of you would have read, that India is one the failed democracies, though I don’t buy there vision and neither there methodology, but still there are many things which can be improved to make ours a better democracy. One of them I think, which I am proposing over here is as follows:
Every party which is going to run for say minimum of 300 seats out of some 550+ seats in Lok Sabha elections, should before election declare there prime-minister candidate. And those who are in no position to nominate there PM candidate, which means that they are running for less than 300 seats, have to before hand support any of the Prime minister candidate. It would certainly tell us the people a clear picture of future, and thus make it easy to select candidate of our region. It will thus make parties answerable to public beforehand. It must also be made necessary for every candidate to (on there own money)  publish their bio-data in at least 2 popular local dailies.
I also feel that there must be some legal paper signed just like contracts between two parties before an alliance, which should be made public, and this must be done before election, so that people who vote should have a clear picture of parties and people for whom they are going to vote. This will avoid development of any future crap. And a much stable democratic structure. I think we should make democracy for our need and should break away from a highly borrowed up democratic system. India is a very unique nation, which absorbed democracy like no other nation that too after long autocratic rule. If any person comes up and say that India is failure in terms of a democracy then I would ask him to visit India, a nation of such a magnum opus society, with such a variety of cultures available, and with a very long history.
These are few potpourri views, which will only work better if reviewed by many others. So I will love to read comments on it.


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