Blogging a cynical process?

29 Nov

SO here is one more post. About whom, by whom, for whom?
This blogging is one tool which gave a pen in every hand, to reach every eye in this world. But still blogging is becoming nothing more than cynical process, in most of the cases. Hell, who wants to read, what the hell I did this morning after I brushed my teeth, but still I will write it. This is not just me but many people out there doing same thing. Increasing waste in webosphere.
Haa…Haa… Just like kings we are creating engravings of our own pain, glory, love(lost or gained), views and so on.
I can write more and more about how cynical blogging is, but… I wont do it, Why? Because I am loving it, I love it. Its crazy and weird, but I still want to be hooked. Yes I want to tell every man present or of future in this world that, there was once a man, named Kartik who was among the zillions of cynical breed of humans and wrote about themselves and what mattered most to them was their views.
Hey I will be in zillions, and those not blogging would be in mega-zillions.


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