My Empire…

6 Dec

Zindagi Ek safar hai suhana…(Kishore Kumar)
(Life, a journey is beautiful)
And all that oddleing of Kishore is wonderful.
I am here not for reviewing his songs as I am too small to do that. I am just using this song just as reference, and it stuck to me as I am hearing it.
This song can be certainly taken as a reason behind my big but not highly functional blogging empire. Its non functionality does not mean that all concepts sucks, but the thing is that I am not being able to push them in initial advertisement pipe due to time crunch. If you are on this blog as my friend, a family member, or just a casual visitor, then in all cases I would like to tell you about my blogging empire.

Kattak , the one on which you are.
Geekgam, place where I write about the geeky stuff.

69 Squad, its an umbrella blog for my non-profit social blogs

  • 69 Views, its for placing your views, views can be about any thing.
  • 69 Truths, it can be a place where you can place your truths, the truths which you haven’t told anyone.
  • Youth Against AIDS, the name is self explanatory.

Now there are few blogs which are in pipeline and will soon see the light. So the coming soon list includes two social blogs.

I am also writing for Balshree, a blog run by few Balshree award winners, for information you can visit the blog. In brief, the award was given to few selected students after a national level competition for creativity, and was awarded by India’s President.
So now you can see, why I am having time crunch, and if you wish to help me in any of my social blogs, then you are heartly invited to join me.*


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  1. cronSoamn June 24, 2007 at 7:59 pm #

    ford killeen

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