Man a sexual animal!

9 Dec

Man is a part of great evolving history. Its footsteps can be seen in africa in form of great apes. But some nerdy philosphers felt that we are social animal. Hey thats not true. Now, today, I Kartik Trivedi a philosphical dork have another term for us the human, another phrase, ‘Man is a sexual animal.’ Nothinig more and nothing less. All social culture is a total crap concept. Lets look to my theory.( I dont feel that it is unique, but still I will call it mine till someone tells me otherwise)

Our forefathers were part of say ‘root apes’ forefathers of all the great apes and humans. Our forefather say, ‘ humo apes’ were physically weakest of all other subtribes, they were neither a good climbers not a powerful in arms, but still they wanted to have sex, to reproduce which was part of the life game since the birth of a protists. SO how would they succed…. any guesses… yes by burning their brain cells. They burned there brain cells, learned to use various things as tools to defeat other more powerfull apes. Why… Just to have most beautiful she ape, to have wonderful kid.

What do you expect of the kids of such apes, they were same…

What can we say of present situation… I say, you name me any thing which you feel is not related to sex and I will bring it to ground zero, sex. Any basic desire for success is nothing but a fundamental process to get the best out of the opposite sex. Yes its ther in you brain matrix, its in deep realms of your brain that is why it is difficult to accept. And more over, every relegion has made a taboo out of sex. Its right or wrong I will discuss it in another of my post.


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