Is love beautiful?

10 Dec

Love… man it is one of the most compelling thing in this world, it like sweet caramel dipped in honey… and that is why I doubt its motive. Pleasure… which kind of pleasure… whats the future of love… such questions and many more make me a doubtful person and that is why I am not hooked… and I dont want to be hooked. Because there need to be some magnum opus force to handle me, else every thing will fall apart, because I am free fusion spirit. Haa… Haa…Haa…. Many a times I think that I need  to figure out the way to make a girl out of my friend list my girl friend.. but each and every time I think of it I find some one better out side my friend list. But any such thing apart I fear that I will indulge in love which I think will take away my freedom… I can not bear that someone tells me that I should not wear this or that just because she is not liking it… come on I always need some reasoning. Some pity things and cribbing on them, then please dont move around me… because I am a free spirit.
Love should be beautiful but I am happy with other beautiful things. I know someday I will loose my freedom, but till then ciao, I am a free spirit.


One Response to “Is love beautiful?”

  1. ramanean December 16, 2006 at 5:12 pm #

    Love is always beatiful

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