Anwar-Some nice music.

24 Dec

I always had few questions in front of me while I started blogging. What should I write, why should it be just about ‘I’ and ‘Me’, ok I wont be doing it many times but this is one of those times, I accept myself as a person who holds a lot of pride in self. And this pride lends me the power of writing or commenting on n number of topics and this very same consciousness of ‘I’ allows me to get my hands dirty in zillions of things, and this I also helps me to learn new and newer things, just to satisfy my thirst, the never ending thirst.
And here I use that very same power of I to comment on music of a new film.. Anwar…
Music, what is your choice… It will not matter in this case as the music of Anwar is very soothing and very logical and innovative lyrics. Though they are having a bit of classical touch but it is not in overdose, I can say that these songs will be hit in future, or will become radio hits.
Tose naina Lagey…
Maula mere Maula
Are two top class songs which have essential mix to sooth the soul.
One of the forte of all the songs is the lyrics, some songs are slow but the lyrics if given an ear would make them worthy. SO I suggest that you all can buy Anwar soundtrack. ANd do tell me what you feel like.

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