My desires…

24 Dec

Everyone is deep in the vortex of lust, so am I.
I would like to disclose few items, few worldly pity items, of this big and shallow materialistic world…
Ipod, I still dont have one, 4GB will go.
A digi cam, I want it just for me, everything uncapped.
An apple notebook. Yes apple in particular because I am kinda bored of Microsoft.
I am a boy what do you expect from me, yes I want more and more gadgets.

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One Response to “My desires…”

  1. kriti January 3, 2007 at 12:31 pm #

    so what u want sir
    shall any one from us who read it shuld gift u or u are planning this for us a snewyear gift 😮

    ok all the best for ur hunt

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