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30 Dec

Happy new year, its just round the corner.
 It would be the end of first eventual year of blogging for me and a start of new year which will bring much more blogging extravaganza. With this new year I will be launching two of my new projects, yes they are more of projects rather than Beta, though beta is more social and Web 2.0, and project are more academic in sense. But still I will stick to Projects. They are…

And yes * does have a meaning, it is not the usual ‘conditions apply’, but it is my way of saying that both of them are social in larger sense. They both are based on Blogger blogging platform, and we would be asking in data via email, this will be certainly a slower process as compared to the automatic process but would ensure beauty, and purity of both the sites. After getting you respected entries for posts we will post as it is if found clean, which more often than not would be, we would post them and send you the permalink of the posts so that you can send it to your friends and ask them to comment on your posts.
Explaining both of them over here wont be the best thing, and I would appreciate if you visit them on yourself.
They both are under the umbrella of 69 Squad. So now 69 Squad have four projects under its shadow.

There are two more in the pipeline…

  • Wochebug*
  • Tohfa*

And I am writing my Geeky posts at Geekgam, so it would be really nice of you to visit Geekgam and read my views on the present happening of webosphere, and of the latest developments.


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