Measuring Love

2 Jan

Certain pressures can be gauzed,
Measured on time scale,
so can be your feelings aghast
But what jar can I bring to measure your love ajared.

Wisdom lost in sands of time,
searching and rubbing salt,
lets look for the cucumber
As I think there are burns on oldest part.

Tired after the search,
Rocks looks like watering mirage.
Tears wet them like sea in salt.
Found solace in a tart.

Round is watch and your time saab,
it wont take much but a smile,
So hug the happiness
which is in your daily ritual lot.

This is my first poem for which I derived my inspiration from a boy…Sagar Gupta, Instantaneous is the word for this poem, I can not say that it is related to him or not as I have few other inspirations too, in this poem. But still this is my first poem from my pen for a pened.


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