Sagar, Me and a WAR.

12 Jan

One girl… YUP, and I am at WAR…Its on Orkut…Scraps after scraps, we are showing our lit. might.

I am bringing all on this post…WAR till now…
Most of our work is in Hindi, and most of the times the script used is roman, so some kind of intuition is required from your front…

All about Sagar later on.. but let us start form my first poetic scrap, which was dedicated to our very new found friendship.

koi humein bhee yaad kare yeh humari chaah hai,
dosti lahu bane, or sirf teri raah hai.
Intejaar na kara itna kee, dum mera nikal jaye,
dosti jab lahu ban chukee hai, to kahin BP na bhadh jaye.

Then things remained idle for quite some time as He is not a internet freako like me. Then the WAR started from this scrap of mine…

Naye saal ke shubhkaaamnayein…
Fir bhi mein le udunga chidiya ko le-kar…
tum intezaar mat karna kyunki tumhara to waise bhi acchha saal hai…na…
Lo mein chalaa………….


Now onus was on him, he did replied, but took some time, and the credit goes to the previous scrap, highly intimidating scarp of mine.

Sagar’s first reply, for reference, My orkut profile image at that time sported a tulip image.

BOLO BOLO HEY nA HEY NA HEY NA HEY NA aur man maine bola tha na tulips chahiye aur na TOBY MCGUIRE CHahiye to thoda PYAAr AUR SAGAR GUPTA

BOLO BOLO HEY nA HEY NA HEY NA HEY NA, are the famous lines of a song..yes the DUS song..
Then goes my reply, not of lit. might but a mighty blow, which must ave shook him from bottom…

arrey..dekh rahe ho yeh charan…yeh charan abhi tumhare peeche se aa rahein hain…pyar is the most effervescent thing I know. What thy need is the stability, and a rock solid human…I dont know about you, but I know I am one. This is now war…fighting for thee is not me, it is simply not me.

But haan aag itni naa lagana kee tumhare hath jal jayein.
Pyar itna na karna kee tu khud ko bhul jaye.
Oye! mitra, mere josh ke aage to sagar bhi tahar jaye.

For reference, charan refers to my orkut profile image…then I sent him another reply…

achha yeh bata… mein apni mummy kee help le lun…
cos’ every thing is fair in love and war.

Bolo Bolo hey na hey na hey na…

Now as it is a WAR and I was garnering some transparent support from within my home.
After what I wrote, it was a necessity for Sagar to give solid replies…and then he did that with two consecutive replies…

BAnde ka dum uski himmat me hain.”ZAMANE NE UDELE KAI AAG KE PYAALE, PAR NA BADLE NA HILEN ye JOSHILAY.” abey ise kehte hai dialogue .

Second one…

SAGAR TAIR GAYE , Ved bhi kartik mein sama gaye,
par MITRA ek baat a dhyan rakh, is aag mein jalne ka bhi ek mazaa hain.

Once again I was pretty quick in my reply, I replied after I came from his birthday party…

Agar aag ko chulein to aag thandi ho jaye…
Paani chuein to woh jal jayie..
Mere pyar mein woh kashish hai ke…
har bagh ka har phool merea ban jaye.

I think the hidden message was quite clear to you.

Yeah…my reply did had a hidden meaning which I will not disclose now. I think Sagar did understood the meaning.
And after this, it all began to heat up and is now turning to a real, HOT WAR, where minds are burning like dry forest in Indian summer.

“Hamne to apni KASHISH ko DABAA rakha hain,
Najane kab ye koi kayamat le aaye,
GAJAB KI DILLAGI hai kar baithe,
Najane kab woh SURAJ BHI KHAAKH ho jaye.”


I was once again prompt in my reply, as ever.
Sagar tu lefty hai kya…

Dillagi ko itna na dubana ki nasoor ho jaye,
Suraj ko khak karne mein kahin tu naa khaak ho jaye,
Har mausam ko mausam-e-ishk samjhne ke gaflat na ho jaye.
Khuda khairiayat rakhe tumhari, tumhari khwabgaah mein.
Kahin humein hee unse ishk na hojaye…

A reply to southpaw, for a southpaw, from a southpaw.

This quad was them made more tangier, by a loud laugh of mine, which is there in his scrap book, in form of words.
After that, I sent him some poems and Ghazals from eminent personalities to epitomize my feelings.
रस में डूब हुआ लहराता बदन क्या कहना / फ़िराक़ गोरखपुरी

रस में डूब हुआ लहराता बदन क्या कहना
करवटें लेती हुई सुबह-ए-चमन क्या कहना

बाग़-ए-जन्नत में घटा जैसे बरस के खुल जाये
सोंधी सोंधी तेरी ख़ुश्बू-ए-बदन क्या कहना

जैसे लहराये कोई शोला कमर की ये लचक
सर ब-सर आतिश-ए-सय्याल बदन क्या कहना

क़ामत-ए-नाज़ लचकती हुई इक क़ौस-ओ-ए-क़ज़ाह
ज़ुल्फ़-ए-शब रंग का छया हुआ गहन क्या कहना

जिस तरह जल्वा-ए-फ़िर्दौस हवाओं से छीने
पैराहन में तेरे रंगीनी-ए-तन क्या कहना

जल्वा-ओ-पर्दा का ये रंग दम-ए-नज़्ज़ारा
जिस तरह अध-खुले घुँघट में दुल्हन क्या कहना

जगमगाहट ये जबीं की है के पौ फटती है
मुस्कुराहट है तेरी सुबह-ए-चमन क्या कहना

ज़ुल्फ़-ए-शबगूँ की चमक पैकर-ए-सीमें की दमक
दीप माला है सर-ए-गंग-ओ-जमन क्या कहना

Ahaaa…enjoy this one…really nice.

And then another one…
Sagar maine socha tha kee,, aaj ke liye bas… sach kehta hun.. but this master piece from Maitheli Sharan Gupt…Man awesome.

I could not stop and just scraped you…
Bhale mere neche ke scraps padhna ya nahi padhna.. but this one pls.. puri padhna…

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है / मैथिलीशरण गुप्त

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

सखि पतंग भी जलता है हा दीपक भी जलता है

सीस हिलाकर दीपक कहता

बन्धु वृथा ही तू क्यों दहता

पर पतंग पडकर ही रहता कितनी विह्वलता है

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

बचकर हाय पतंग मरे क्या

प्रणय छोडकर प्राण धरे क्या

जले नही तो मरा करें क्या क्या यह असफलता है

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

कहता है पतंग मन मारे

तुम महान मैं लघु पर प्यारे

क्या न मरण भी हाथ हमारे शरण किसे छलता है

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

दीपक के जलनें में आली

फिर भी है जीवन की लाली

किन्तु पतंग भाग्य लिपि काली किसका वश चलता है

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

जगती वणिग्वृत्ति है रखती

उसे चाहती जिससे चखती

काम नही परिणाम निरखती मुझे ही खलता है

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

His reply was in coming, and it came, just as what was expected, with full enthusiasm.

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se milale,
aasoin tere saare meri palkoin pe sajale,
joh bhi gam hain ye tere ,
unhe mera pata de,
mujhko to tere chehre pe ye gam nahin jachta,
jayas nahin hai lagta mujhe gum se tera rishta,
sun meri guzaarish ise chehre se hata de,
aasoin tere saare meri palko pe sajade.


Then came another one, this one and the previous one are the recent from him…

  “ishq karne ki baat hain to,
galib ne kahan hain ki ishq to aag ka dariyan(SAGAR) hain,
aur ismein dubna bhi ek alag ehsas hain,
uske gumoin ko apna banana,
aur uskein aasoowoin ko ko apni palakon pe lena,
ismein bhi maza hain.”

Another right chin lift from the norhtpaw to the champ…….

And here is my latest reply, in the hope that this WAR should not end now.

Hum tanhaiee se khafaa hain itna,
kee khushion se muhn modhte nahin,
paas agar woh hoti,
use tanhaee mein chodhte nahin….

K.O. >>> Champ is a champ…

Galib ko kya layein beech mein,
jab ishk ne humein Majnoon bana diya,
Uske husn ko kya dekhe hum,
Jab uske ishk ne andha bana diya.

KO, Master strikes back.

All original kT

So what say..who is winning this one…and who seems more serious…

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