I depart

31 Jan

Angels are fighting over it,
At this instant, its lips of death,
No Maybelline, nothing soft.
Lets think twice,
Before I depart.

Tormenting over wizardly past,
Laughing like a silly phantom.
I am not watching
Any bad scene,
Before I depart.

New, unknown places,
Dance with ballerina,
Finally a lunch at plaza.
I want my stomach filled,
Before I depart.

Understandably I saw nothing,
I was like broken tail lizard.
Followed her to alleys of dark
I called, I kissed, She hissed,
And I depart.

Too less of time,
sewed tongue, very heavy thoughts,
I certainly made a mistake
I thus have my own boogie horror lot.
No time, No time, I have to depart.

Last moments, My ears are jarred,
I am going for my final trip,
No salutations of past.
Mission, lets hope gets accomplish.
As I depart.

This is my new poem, a narrative and certainly a part of a series. This is certainly in raw format, I will rework on it after 15 days, till then ur comments wont be called as offending.


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