Crazy in love.

9 Feb

I haven’t seen my dad in tears,
Never had I walked without peers.
So from where from this sadness has come,
Gripping me, and making me glum.

Just one gush to blow away
I was a boy to throw away.
Smile became thing of past,
I am nothing more than a cast.

Last I saw was her back,
My memories then became black.
Never again she tried to mend.
I was on my way to get cement.

I still wait for candle night,
Never again I would show my might.
But I want one more chance,
Hearts want to have one last dance.

Then I would do same,
I would go beyond mane.
I might have my future hazy,
I accept to be crazy.

Crazy in love. Kt.


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  1. Yuwdy May 20, 2007 at 7:02 pm #


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