bROAdbANd, I want more.

13 Feb

There are few things which are bugging me, and I would really put them over here. Why my dear friends spend on flowers for vallentine and not on getting a broadband conection. How come they argue and ask me the utility of broadband, but to my relief such friends are few in numbers. DoT India is looking for deeper broadband penetration for year 2007, but on ground level in all telecomunication penetration in rural India is dismal 2%. And the fact which lies in front of us is that government cant wire every village in comming year, and not even in next 5 years, and they know it. So what are they doing for it, simple promoting mobile telecommunication, and its paying good returns.  Government is trying to reduce total deigital devide and rightly so they are trying out wireless methods. Even one computer in village having some hundred families can do wonders. How? inspire them to get more. But the problem is that even cities are not climbing broadband wagon. They should do it quickly, because slowly and slowly good content will climb rich media and you need good speed for that. I feel there is simple pragmatic logic behind using high speed internet, if you are spending 1 hour on internet daily, and surfing round about 20 sites, then in case of broadband you will be going for round about 100 sites for the stipulated time. And tthats the differsnce. Parents are still being paranoid about internet, yes I agree that sometimes internet can be called as wastefull activity, but more often than not it can be used for improving ones brain reserves.

Friends if your city have any broadband service provider, then just get the connection without sparing a second thought. Believe me you are certainly going to get more and more if you dont fall in pussy trance.


One Response to “bROAdbANd, I want more.”

  1. kriti February 22, 2007 at 8:48 am #

    Yes I too believe that broad band shuld peniterate deepwithin but even today there are many who use the internet only for mails and chating/orkutting the rest section uses it for news and the next IT section opens only when gets stuck (which is proffecional help)
    how many in our country know that we can dounload too many things even serials and songs via net.
    so first thing is making ppl understand its utility .

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