Why Moms Why?

5 Mar

This is to all the mothers, excluding few I know, and that includes my mom.

As I am a boy, there are few things which bug me a lot. I am not going to talk about all, come on how can I do that. I want to elaborate on only one point…but before I come on problem I would like to explain why that thing in particular bugs me. THis is not a self centric post but for every boy who likes to drive a two wheeler.

To all the boys, what is the thing which keep you steady on your seat, which provides you regular enthusiasm…Is it the power, no… I dont think so…Is it the thrill, no…Is it all about reaching the destination…yes this is important but not the most important.

It is to be able to see girls who are walking past and see other who are riding in front of us. But… yes but… there are two problems and now I am coming to my point, why do girls dont eat properly, why dont their mothers feed them properly. I wont buy it for a sec if some one comes up and gives me the excuse of lack of money, coz’ one who is riding a Rs 40k/- motorized horse and also feeding it is not having money to feed themselves.

Recently I nearly met my death, but signed it off. It was all because of one very thin girl riding in front of me. I just wanted to get a snap so that I can write a proper post, but it some how was not meant to be. And that girl just vanished, and it was only her vehicle moving… ok that was not something super natural or me hallucinating,  rather it was all due to her thin body…besides that I somehow just managed my vehicle to avoid collision.  I later overtook that girl and not to my surprize she was a beautiful girl.

If some mother eventually reached till this line, please this is a request from all he boys we need some fat if not in excess on your daughters body.


One Response to “Why Moms Why?”

  1. kriti March 20, 2007 at 12:37 pm #

    It was one among the most natural and interesting post of yours.[:)]

    cum on its not the faults of mom only
    how many kids obey their parents completely do they ..
    and kids feel they are grown up so they can do whatever they wish and thats they do
    any how
    keep telling whats on and whats off
    keep writing

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