Poem after eons! So late

17 Apr

So late, just a Hi.
With my eyes betraying me,
My legs defying gravity.
I am still walking, falling.
So late in this strange world
I am still away from crying.

With my alien brain,
in a hostile body,
I want to fall in her arms.
For one last time, stalking,
so late in this auxiliary  world,
I am still away from deep trouble.

There are worms and ghosts,
creeping and screeching,
In my mind owing nothing.
For the God’s sake
So late, I am still waiting
Using oxymoronic  references.

For one last time,
Talk to me,
I am still in rain,
crumbing inside
So late, there are other places to go,
and time is not in eternal plate.

I am certainly the last
restless lover in hell,
If you kiss me,
I will make this our world.
with thorns waiting for flower
So late, So late, I will still try.

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