Deaf Angel

23 Apr

This time around, after deep breath,
it is mine, it is my horrific sound.
Trouble time is ringing loud.
I want to regain my lost ground.
With inbuilt proud.
I am rubbing the silver bangle
Where are you you my deaf angel.

Panic, is the word written in crimson red.
Now troubles have even reached my bed.
Without your help, I may drown.
Something inside me or in others
is disturbing my feathers.
I am rubbing it one more time,
Where are you my deaf angel.

This atmosphere is becoming catastrophe,
Where is peace, or my hibernation coffee.
They are conveying nothing,
and unknown is riding on my fears.
I hope that sooner or later it will be tears.
My hands are bleeding, my neck paining,
Where are you my deaf angel.

All alone, I am sitting on hill top.
Dark is peeking from nearest park.
My fear’s echo may cause troubles,
I am seeing my future in silver bubbles.
Breaking and fading my future seems.
Numb are my hands, and my soul,
Where are you my deaf angel.

This will be last time,
I will ever write.
Last time I will scribe.
Last time to fight my self.
No matter how fragile my sword be.
come soon Oh! my deaf angel.

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