Superman – Poem Version

12 May

There is darkness then there is fight,
in sunflower gardens, I look for light.
Trimming all the way to hope,
Lazarus in me, sainthood prevailing.
There is superman in every one,
and I think it is my turn.

Fond of cheers, fond of jibes,
no matter from where they come.
Its eventually for them I will die.
Phoenix act will be the call of say.
I may need help, need support,
wake the one in you.

Next time when you see plane or bird,
It wont be me for sure,
I will prefer land from where I can soar.
Needs will be headed with elan.
But someday I will fly in search of my clan.
Superman will never be dead.

Cerebral  quids, making loud thuds,
Bending more and achieving less.
This is hard job.
I want to remind.
There is superman in every one.
Next day it may be your turn.

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2 Responses to “Superman – Poem Version”

  1. Charmi February 16, 2009 at 10:02 pm #

    i really like this poem. This poem has more deep meanings and i want to understand that. Can somebody explain this to me?

    • kartik trivedi February 27, 2009 at 8:50 pm #

      Hey Charmi, this is Kartik, thanks for liking this poem of mine. Well…this poem is about hope, its about the power which we all have, to change this world, to bring change in this world. Its quite personal in many senses as nowhere have I mentioned about how am I going to change this world…but the fact remains…there is great power in each one of us, we dont need cape or to wear our undies over pants, we just need to awake the ‘superman’ within.

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