Blogging Power!

17 May

This is hot and latest. This is what epitomize the power of any kind of blog. This is about market, apple and a blog. Post iPod, apple is a well known company. But still, many of you might not have seen a Mac Book, or a Mac working right in front of you. Its not a big deal…
I was going to post on Sunday, but this news came in and I thought that I must put my time on service.
As usual Apple stocks started off well, but then Engadget a blog on technology and related news, published a post, reporting that apple wont be able to release iPhone till later this year and their much awaited Leopard OS wont be up by next year. Leopard OS had a due date in April this year…and having that shifted to next year and iPhone date being extended…and this lead way to Marina Trench…

Later today Apple fired an email to Engadget telling that the previous Email was nothing but hoax, and then as it should have bee, business came to as usual.
But if this is what a blog can do, then I am really into blogging. Print media is powerful, we know how much strong and clout is maintained by news sellers( read : news papers, news channels etc). But this being done by a blog is indeed very heartening( and real bad for those who lost their money today). Blogging is becoming more and more influential. nearly a decade back it was all email, we jumped to that wagon, got our free email ids, and then came blogging…its different from normal websites, its different from social networks because its blogging. I may write a book on joy of blogging, but for that to happen I have to become a sincere blogger. Hoping I finish a book of such kind and before that lets hope I become an author of a very popular blog.

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2 Responses to “Blogging Power!”

  1. kriti September 25, 2007 at 8:36 pm #

    DO WRITE a book on blogging
    as still this terminology hasent recieved that much popularity
    atleast make people aware of advantages and disadvantages of having blogs

    too many things to explore about the blogs


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