Thank you all…

23 May

Today was my birthday, and like any other normal person I love this day.
But there are few people who made this day all the more special for me… they wished for my better future and many returns of this day… So I though why not list them all.
This list only include those people who rang me up, to wish me.
Starting with..

  • Ankit Malani : Friend from Kota was first to wish me(logically correct) at 00:00
  • Kriti Trivedi : Hey she is my sister and was technically correct to wish me at 1:1
  • Tarun Agrawal : First to ring me early in morning
  • Arun Tiwari : Bhikari, was first from college, to ring me up.
  • Anubhuti Sharma : My dear small sis, Baby I really love, and let me tell you all she is one girl who sends me birthday cards…yup on paper, and that too hand made.
  • Mishra Uncle : His blessings reached me before I set my feet outside my home.
  • Gaurav Pandey : Boy, he wished me when there was professor in class.
  • Akshat Deshpandey : He tried to contact me last night, but could not as I was busy, and he had an examination today, but somehow make up with this call in evening.
  • Vinay Gupta : He is in Bhopal, and I have to give him party…
  • Akshay Choudhary : One of my nicest buddies…man he is one of the greatest.
  • Divya Barange : Oh! she unearthed my number somehow and rang me up to wish me happy birthday.
  • Ashish Menon : Hey he also wished me as expected, he lives closest to me of all my buddies.
  • Ankit Saxena : Oh! Dear I am really sorry for not attending your call properly…but anyways thank you for your love. And you are a true rockstar.
  • Sruthi Chandrashekhar : After her call I know there is no call left, last call of the day, and the call on which I spend the most time besides that of my didi.

So thats it for today, and there have been scores of SMS, and many more wishes on Orkut, thank you all you people for showing that you care about me. And then there were many in college who shwered there love and made me feel special in college, thank you all. And then there were few from where I expected a call but didnt came, and does it matter…WTF, it does not matter if I already know that you care about me, otherwise it does matter in BIG WAY.

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