7 Jun

One more time you have inspired me,

Without touching you have fired me,

Lifting all sheets of mesmerizing thoughts,

You have lived in memories to tire me.

Even the eldest of my family are laughing,

sniffing and barking dog is dancing.

I don’t know why I am at it again,

What have you made out of an intelligent man.

Sincerely, my friends told me in living memory,

Don’t write on girls even in dreams of glory.

But this was just locking my hands.

Why the hell you gave me Armstrong band.

See, once again I am going sad,

writing poem just like roadside mad,

Can I bargain for my lost wisdom,

And I will gave you our only album.

I don’t know how to end this theory,

Brain is going hazy and there is no memory.

Although we wont be friends forever,

I will still hope to play with your daughter.

Lets take a pledge,

for four years we will keep smiling,

what happened beyond the hedge

will be under stiff binding.

After all this and many more lines,

I may still feel thirsty.

even after visiting many shrines

I will think of you till thirty.

Sagar, you rarely visit this place so I will keep your name here, just to remind myself that I could not change my track and once again its a poem on love, and that too bit sadistic. But I promise you that soon I will change the subject of poem.

The reason behind this problem, is that there have been many beautiful girls who came and went away, so there are too many of them to inspire me. I think I should start traveling more.


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