Sad story to cheer.

15 Jun

One side there is a bulbul flying,
on other there is a child crying.
So much deformed are his limbs.
Flying wide-winged is one bulbul

Clouds are playing a new game,
Ringing and thundering on this man.
Created new weapons and lost to self.
So much to see, but nothing coloured.

That boy is in his home by now.
Watching cartoon, and laughing on cow.
Thanks god cartoons don’t laugh on man,
Or else humans would have clubbed under a can.

Trees are clapping, and cheering,
water is making rivers on road.
Someone not comprehending cheers,
Man is hiding in his stationary van.

Bulbul is now on a window,
watching same boy.
Have got life of few days,
wants to donate it now.

After living summer in eighteen degree,
Man is now cursing rain.
How can he understand laws,
without getting natural tan.

Boy, though crippled,
and with penny sized brain,
I loving her mother,
as there is no pain.

Man, presses the right side peddle,
and turns few knobs.
Driving at full speed,
Who know, who is going to sob.

Bulbul, now feeling pity,
thought too much of self.
She is much small, not in size,
but in life’s stature to help.

There are many man driving like Man.
May be a end is in waiting, for few of them.
Man have got some medicines for problems he made,
Lived a life on drugs, which few years back he disposed.

Bulbul sitting on window,
is learning new lessons.
How to live incomplete,
on very few passions.

Somewhere in house, secured what he thinks,
Man relaxes, and a paddle he released.
But there was something else,
for which trees clapped and cloud cheered.

From one eye bulbul is seeing death,
and other she is seeing some light.
Dead lies the bulbul, on window pane,
Loud thundering and there goes HIS might.

Man is a father of two,
one a child and other himself.
Learning new lessons of life,
and cursing the permanent.

Child is under fear,
Her mom is in bloody gown.
there was a loud noise,
And lights went down.

Father in this season,
driving fast under no lights.
Few more like him, crashed.
He is on his way to Might.

They say lightening never strikes twice,
What a boy going to do,
without his mom and dad.
So gad had mercy for that crippled mice.

Clouds are still thundering,
Tress are still cheering.
Water is still dancing.
Nature is asking what is so sad.

This is an incomplete poem. It is incomplete not in terms of content, but in terms of story. There are few more things in story, which are for readers to think. I did not explained every thing and left few things for readers to plug, hoping that they do same. There is a future of this poem, and I will certainly expand it. I will really love to answers if some questions come for this poem…because, I really went deep into pool of feelings while writing this.

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